Can I order customized cake lollipops (ex. characters, edible jewels, etc.)? At this time, we are not offering to ship customized pops. In the future, we hope to offer this option. If you do want a custom color chocolate, liner, or drizzle please email or call us and we can give you a quote.

Can I order multiple boxes to be shipped to different addresses? If you want to ship cake lollipops to different addresses, you will need to place an individual order for each address. For orders being shipped to 5 or more different addresses, please e-mail us at or call 562-598-8340.

Are your cake lollipops meant to stand up vertically like a lollipop? No, our pops are designed to sit in a cupcake liner.

Do you ship internationally? No.

Is there any way to protect the cake lollipops in extreme heat? We recommend for orders placed during months of extreme heat that customers choose the add-on feature of ordering the cold packs that we provide and choose the 2 day shipping method.

How long do your cake lollipops last? Since our pops are encased in chocolate, they will last at least 5 days at room temperature or 1-1/2 weeks refrigerated.

What if the cake lollipops arrive damaged? We have created custom packaging specifically designed to protect them from cracking or being damaged. Since we cannot control shipping companies and their handling, we cannot assume responsibility for cake lollipops that are damaged. Due to the sensitivity of our food product we recommend adding a cold pack to your order if placing the order in months with warm weather. If no cold pack is purchased and melting does occur we cannot be held responsible for the damaged product.

How will I be able to distinguish between the flavors? Each cake lollipop has a color coded cupcake liner to differentiate between the flavors.

How are the cake lollipops made? At Sweet and Saucy Shop we use only the finest ingredients and bake each cake from scratch. The fully baked cake is then mixed with frosting to produce a deliciously moist cake bite. Each pop is then dipped in white or semi-sweet chocolate.

Can I customize each box differently if I’m ordering multiple boxes? Our website is not set up to enable you to order different flavors per box. To do this, you would need to place separate orders on-line or call in your orders at (562) 598-8340.

Can I pick up the cake lollipops in store at your Long Beach location? Yes you can definitely pick up the cake lollipops with their custom box in store. However we recommend that you call in your order to our bakery at 562.598.8340 and not place your order online to bypass any shipping charges that would occur.